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Nick Groves Fly Tying Demo

November 6, 2021

Join us November 6th for a Demonstration fly tying with Nick Groves. More information to follow.

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Tie Along with Nick Groves

March 23, 2019

Join us on March 23rd for a tie along with Nick Groves.  Nick will ease you in with a simple BWO nymph and then test your skills with a Davey Wotton caddis emerger.  This is sure to be an informative event.  We will have the material for you to purchase if you want to bring […]

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Ontario Fly Fishing Guides Secrets to Success: Small Flies for Big Trout

January 25, 2017

Tailwaters are notoriously small fly rivers but many anglers have a difficult time wrapping their heads around using patterns that represent this forage.  If you consider that tailwaters typically generate an enormous amount of midge activity due to the reservoir that feeds the river, it is presumable that a good portion of a trout’s diet would […]

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Closing Time

October 3, 2016

The final day of the Ontario trout season was a mix of frustration and excitement for this angler.  I typically spend at least part of the day ushering out the season but this year I was afforded the majority of the day and was happy that I did.  The morning was dedicated to streamers but […]

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In Retrospect of Fall Steelhead

August 24, 2016

Reports are coming in daily of salmon showing up on most Great Lakes systems and we would say at this point that we are on the down hill run.  It looks like conditions will catch up and the early fall should be solid.  Here are some fish from the past to whet your whistle.   […]

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Steelhead Season

August 15, 2016

Where did trout season go?  It seems like just last week I was standing on the river with GROF Guide Nick Groves on opening day, drinking a coffee and waiting for the light.  Giddy as a couple of school kids.  But what an extraordinary trout season we had on the Grand River tailwater.  Not since […]

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GROF Fly Tying: Articulated Streamers for the Grand River

January 9, 2016

The Grand River produces some trophy trout but also can be a great challenge as conditions very.  Join Nick Groves for a master class in tying big water streamers and how to fish them.  This class is guaranteed to extend your fishing days when everyone else is home cutting the lawn.

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Grand River Outfitting Product Review: Winston 6116-4 BIII TH Rod Review

February 7, 2015

As we edge closer to the spring steelhead season, penned up anglers will be thinking about new gear.  As our first “Fly Rod” review, we’ll let you in on what we look at “Performance”- We have several high level casters on our team and all of the rods will be fished or cast at varying […]

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