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Ontario Fly Fishing Guides Secrets to Success: Small Flies for Big Trout

January 25, 2017

Tailwaters are notoriously small fly rivers but many anglers have a difficult time wrapping their heads around using patterns that represent this forage.  If you consider that tailwaters typically generate an enormous amount of midge activity due to the reservoir that feeds the river, it is presumable that a good portion of a trout’s diet would […]

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Fly Fishing Clinic: Fishing Small for Large Trout

December 10, 2016

Tailwaters are notoriously “small fly” systems with much of the insect forage ranging in size 20 to 26.  The fact is though, that small flies in the right hands can be money in the bank and we will show you how. Join us on Saturday, December 10th as Rob Heal will discuss the biology behind small […]

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