Levon “Leo” Aslanian started fishing at the young age of 4. Growing up in Russia, he started fishing for perch, pike, crusian carp, and the odd sturgeon. During those times sophisticated fishing gear wasn’t readily available in his area, or was very expensive. So an old cane rod with reel did the trick. Leo’s passion for fishing didn’t end when he moved to Canada. Fishing with his father and older brother for bass, pickerel, and pike all over southern Ontario, and later getting into fly fishing for salmon and trout. Fly fishing grew his love for fishing tenfold, which expanded the variety of fish he now targets on the fly. Ever since starting to fish the Grand River in and around Fergus 6 years ago, he started specializing in resident trout, becoming a novice entomologist, and tying his own flies. Fishing ‘browns’ became Leo’s biggest passion, spending countless hours on the river, sometimes in the toughest conditions. Through the experience he gained, Leo decided he would take fishing to the next level; becoming a guide. Two years later, he is a very knowledgeable guide who is determined to get his clients into big fish. Although at times he may be quiet, Leo is a down to earth guy who loves to crack a joke. Whether it’s a walk and wade, or a drift down the river, you can count on a good time. Did I mention that the man can cook too?