There seems to be bit of a resurrection of vintage actions in the fly rod world which adds to the idea that much of the industry has gone full circle.  If you look at just about any magazine article in any current publication, much of it is the same stuff that many of us did 30 years ago but with sexier names.  Many of us remember or even own some of the 1st generation graphite rods like the Fenwick HMG or an old Lamiglass and I challenge anyone to take those old rods out and not enjoy them.  Like many old things, there is a comfort in them that can’t be denied.

Within the last 5 years, several fly rod companies have brought back that action and one that comes to mind is Redington’s ‘Classic Trout’.  The first time we picked this rod up, it instantly reminded us of our old HMG’s (one of which we still fish with on occasion.)  It is slow and progressive with a forgiving tip and it fishes wonderfully and really does a great job fighting fish and protecting light tippet. If you like the delicate presentation of a double taper or a finesse line like a Rio Trout LT, this is a perfect rod.  It is a bit on heavy side but not prohibitively and we feel that the physical weight kind of lends itself to what Redington was shooting for.    Redington nailed this one on the head but perhaps its most endearing quality is the price tag.  At under $200.00 (that’s not a typo) this may be the best value trout rod in the business but we would be remiss if we didn’t mention that with that price tag also comes some pretty classy cosmetics.

Redington 'Classic Trout' might be the best bang for your buck trout rod in the game.

Redington’s ‘Classic Trout’ might be the best bang for your buck trout rod in the game.

Here is what Redington says about the CT.

Designed especially for the trout angler. The moderate action of the rod provides the delicacy needed for technical spring creeks, yet packs enough power for big river and boat fishing. The lightweight blank and forgiving action reduces fatigue for long days on the water.

  • Fresh water, moderate action rod
  • Dark clay brown blank with matching rosewood reel seat insert
  • Custom machined reel seat components
  • Titanium oxide stripping guides
  • Available in 4-piece and 6-piece configurations
  • 6-piece offers extreme packability for backpacking and/or the traveling angler
  • Alignment dots for easy rod setup
  • Divided brown ballistic nylon rod tube
  • Lifetime warranty

This rod is available in weights from a 7’6″ #2 to a 9′ #6 so for the cost of one high end rod, one could purchase 4 CT’s and cover all of their trout needs.


Performance- 4.5  The only glaring deficiency was that the 590-4 collapsed a bit at long ranges with largish streamers.  That said, the Classic Trout enthusiast likely won’t be chucking those regularly anyway.
Craftsmanship- 4.5 The CT really is nice at all angles. If there is a flaw it might be in the cork but you have to factor in the price so we are getting a bit nit picky.
Value- 5  The CT has to get full marks for value and when you pick this rod up you will see what we see.

Overall rating. 4.67