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Tailwater Reports April 20th 2018

Upper Grand Flows:  Shand Dam discharge 16 cms

Everything is shaping up fairly well for the opener.  Bellwood Lake is about where the GRCA would like it to be, with enough room to still store some water without affecting the tailwater.  Temperatures will be cooler than normal so for the opener, think low and slow.



River Conditions  (We will provide information on individual systems when we have intel.  If the information is absent, we don’t have updates.)

Every system in the region took on a good bit of water with this past weekends storm but all are receding.


Beaver-  Not much fly fishing opportunities at this time but fish are showing up in good numbers.

Bighead- Same as Beaver


Credit-  Should be in good shape for tomorrow. (Fri 20th)


Maitland- Should be in reasonable shape by tomorrow.


Saugeen- Still on the high side but receding.

Eastern Tribs

Notes: The storm on the weekend did not affect conditions as much as we anticipated and that’s a good thing.  As it stands, conditions are good and should remain so into the opening couple of weeks.  Cold weather should keep the steelhead hanging around and as long as the trend is cool, all is good.


Tough but rewarding day, as steelhead fishing can be.