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Tailwater Reports May 21st, 2018

Upper Grand Flows: Shand Dam discharge 4.92 cms.

Hatches: Big 18 Bwo’s, 20 to 24 midges, a mixed bag of Hendricksons and some foxes. Flies of the week would be 18/20 WD40’s, 16/18 Baetis nymphs, 18/20 chironomids, Hendrickson’s, a few foxes.


River Conditions (We will provide information on individual systems when we have intel. If the information is absent, we don’t have updates.)

It would seem the things are winding down on some systems and ramping up on others.

Bayfield- Good shape

Beaver- Good shape.

Bighead- Low and clear

Bronte- Good shape.

Credit- Good shape

Grand- Middle Grand is currently high but dropping rapidly.

Maitland- Good shape.


Saugeen- Good shape

Eastern Tribs

Notes: Everything is in pretty good and holding.