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Tailwater Reports.

August 17th , 2017

Shand Dam Discharge-  Currently 7.46 cms


Upper Grand – 19/21 C

Middle – 19/21 C

Lower – 19/21 C

Note on temps:  We have been taking temperatures daily at several different locations and have noted that the last couple of days, the river has reached 21C throughout.

UPDATE!!!!!!  There are a good number of smallmouth bass opportunities in the area so take advantage of it.

(Upper-, Shand to Scotland St.  Middle-, thru Fergus to the Gorge,  Lower-, Gorge to 86) 

Upper- Midges 20-24, tan caddis,  Trico’s 20

Middle- Midges 20-24, Trico’s 20, caddis 18

Lower- Midges 20-24, tan caddis 16,18

On the Bass front…

All of the major systems are coming down to good levels and the bass have been cooperative.



Large fish like this one are common these days.


Early season Smallmouth fishing is just picking up!