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Tailwater Reports August 14th, 2018

Upper Grand Flows: Shand Dam discharge 5.7 cms.

Hatches: Upper- Midges 18-22, tan caddis 16, Black caddis 18, Bwo’s 18, cranes 18  Temps 21.6 C   

Middle-  Bwo’s 18, midges 18-22, tan caddis 16, black caddis 18, cranes 18  21.6 Temps  C  

Lower-  Bwo’s 18, Midges 18-22, tan caddis 14, cranes 18 Temps 23.2 C 

Notes: Water temperatures across the tailwater are high for trout fishing, however, there are plenty of smallmouth bass opportunities in the Fergus, Bellwood and Elora areas.  Drop in or give us a call for details.

River Conditions (We will provide information on individual systems when we have intel. If the information is absent, we don’t have updates.)

While it is still early for salmon and steelhead, it is not too early to start talking about it.  We have several fall steelhead related events on the docket and welcome everyone, from the novice to the pro, to attend.

September 8th.  Steelhead Flies for the Swingers.  Rob Heal will be sharing several of his tried and true patterns and discuss the merits of tying these flies in varying weights and densities to address changing conditions.  This is a complimentary event, hosted at Grand River Outfitting.

September 16th.  Advanced Steelhead Tactics.  This course outlines everything you will require for fall steelhead, such as small stream nymphing, swinging flies, fly selection and timing the runs.  This course has limited space and is available at a rate of $90.00/person.










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