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River Reports

The Tailwater Report July 23, 2019

Upper Grand Flows: 4.6 cms  (Normal flows for fishing 5-10cms.  Fishable up to 20 cms with caution. )

Tailwater report:  The upper Grand is still holding its own from Shand Dam through The Trestle sector.  Morning temperatures at Templin Gardens are still only 62 degrees.  The cooler evenings are definitely favouring us.  Watch day time and late afternoon temps but for now, we are in good shape.  The lower river is a different story and temps have driven up drastically over the past couple of weeks.  


Upper:  Temperature (morning temp  62-65 f.) Midges, 22-20’s and Bwo 20’s, tan caddis 14/16, spotted sedge 16/18, yellow cranes 18.  Fishing has slowed a bit, mainly due to the heat.  Upper river is still holding temperatures between 61 and 63 degrees.

Middle:  Temperature 65 f morning temperature. About the same as the upper with a good deal more bwo’s in the mix.  Foxes tapering off.  Cahills are pretty strong.

Lower: Temperature 73 f.  The lower river, downstream of the Gorge is too warm to safely handle trout. 



River Conditions We will provide information on individual systems when we have intel. 





Middle Grand- 




Notes: It’s hard to believe, but fall steelhead will be on us before we know it.  If you need flies, lines, terminal gear or anything for that matter, get with us so we can get you sorted out before it is upon us.

Dry fly caught trophy fish from late June.