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Tailwater Reports.

October 17th , 2017 

Upper Grand Flows

Shand Dam 8.03 cms

There are a good number of smallmouth bass opportunities in the area, take advantage of it.

Steelhead/Salmon:  Conditions continue to improve as water temps are dropping rapidly and it appears we will get some rain this week.   There are fishable numbers in most systems across the region.

River Conditions  (We will provide information on individual systems when we have intel.  If the information is absent, we don’t have updates.



Bighead- Took on a good bit of water but is still on the low side but fishable in areas.

Bronte- Lot’s of salmon around, the odd coho, brown and steelhead. Good spike of water yesterday will bring some fresh fish in.

Credit- Lot’s of salmon , the odd coho, brown trout and steelhead.  Good spike of water yesterday will bring some fresh fish in.

Grand-  The Grand took on some water and leveled out nicely yesterday.  Should be in great shape and the bump likely brought fish in.



Saugeen- The Saugeen took on a good bit of water and should bring some fish at least into the lower end.  Reports of fish throughout the system.

Sauble- Didn’t get hit as hard as most and although it took on some water, is still on the low side.

Eastern Tribs







It’s Steelhead time