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Tailwater Reports Dec 15th, 2018

Upper Grand Flows:  19.80 cms. There are still plenty of opportunities in our area.  Please call the shop for details and directions.

River Conditions We will provide information on individual systems when we have intel. 

Bayfield- Took on some water and will likely be on the high side.  Has not yet crested.

Beaver- Took on some water and will likely bring some fish into the mouth.

Bighead- Took on a bit of water yesterday and will likely move some fish around. 

Bronte- No intel.

Credit- On the low side and fishing well.

Grand- Jumped up overnight and is on the high side.

Maitland- On a slow rise.  Have to wait to see what happens.

Nottawasaga-No real data but it looks to be on the high side.

Saugeen-   On a slow rise. Have to wait to see what happens.

Eastern Tribs–  No data.

Notes:  We got some rain and a good amount of snow left us.  Most rivers took on some water but not a terrible amount.  Today will tell us what is going to go on for the most part. 

Big Saugeen River buck Nov 2018