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Tailwater Reports Oct 16th, 2018

Upper Grand Flows:   5.73 cms. There are still plenty of Smallmouth Bass (and other species) opportunities in our area.  Please call the shop for details and directions.

River Conditions We will provide information on individual systems when we have intel. 

Bayfield- Low but took on some water yesterday.

Beaver- Good numbers of steelhead.

Bighead- Still low but good numbers of fish showing up.

Bronte- Good numbers of salmon and steelhead are showing. 

Credit- The Lower river has a good number of salmon and steelhead showing. 

Grand- fishing very well.

Maitland- Good numbers of salmon near the mouth.

Nottawasaga-Good numbers of steelhead and salmon.

Saugeen- Good numbers of steelhead and salmon throughout the system.

Eastern Tribs–  Good numbers of salmon showing up with steelhead, coho, and browns in the mix. 


-Most systems are still on the low side but fishing well. 

-We appear to be having larger than usual numbers of coho and browns in many systems. 

-Despite low conditions, the fishing has been very good over the past several days and reports indicate a what may be a banner fall. 

Early season steelhead on a Huron River.