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These programs are designed to give you an overview on the topic and provide you with a starting point to work with. Most of these programs will have a more comprehensive course to further improve your skills or knowledge.

In-store programs take place every Saturday at 9.30am. See our events page to see what we have scheduled for the upcoming weeks.

A Sample of the In-Store Programs we Offer

Knot Tying

You’ll spend about 90 minutes with one of our guides going over all of the most important knots required in fishing plus a few trade secrets that are sure to brighten the light.

Learn Our Rivers

This program is designed to give you a better understanding of individual rivers in our region and how best to approach each one. Some of the systems that will be presented are the upper, middle and lower Grand, the Saugeen, Bighead, upper and lower Credit, The Beaver plus much more. You will gain a far greater understanding of the nuances of each and of equal importance, how vastly different each one is.

To Build Or Buy?

We don’t know any fly fishers that haven’t at least thought about building their own rod at some point. This seminar will showcase the gear that you need and a starting point. At the very least, it will provide you with a good decision making tool.

Fly Tying Specifics

Learn technique that may have otherwise eluded you. Some of the methods we will cover are; dubbing loops and brushes, simple parachute design, working with epoxy and much, much more.

Fringe Opportunities

Many trout anglers put there fly rods away after September 30th but there are opportunities that exist well into autumn that will more than scratch the itch for a house bound fisherman.

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