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What Will You Learn?

The Basics of the Course

For many anglers, steelhead are enigmatic and out of reach.  If standing in 3 degree water, making a few hundred casts and maybe getting a bump on your fly for your efforts is the idea of a good day, than you’re ready for our steelhead course. The truth is though that steelhead are not difficult to fool and we’ll make the puzzle come together and along the way explain the many “why’s”.

The Details

This course will highlight:
  • Timing the run and the signs to look for to time the highest percentage fishing within the run.
  • Why and when they move and why and where they hold.
  • Main stream techniques, advance techniques and the casts used to deal with them.
  • The equipment you need and why you need it.
  • We’ll discuss why two handed rods have gained popularity so you can decide if one might be in your future.
  • How water temperature impacts behavior and how one should react to it.
As a prelude to the Fall Steelhead course, consider our Advanced Casting course.

The Cost

$90.00 + HST for 1 student

( See our Community Calendar for scheduled courses. )

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Cancellation Policy

  1. Should Grand River Outfitting & Fly Shop or any instructor sub-contracted by GRO cancel the course/trip for any reason, a full refund of the deposit will be given or the deposit may be applied to an alternative date.
  2. Should the client cancel the course/trip for any reason within 14 days, the deposit (50% of total cost) will be held by GRO. The deposit (50% of total cost) may be applied once to a re-scheduled course within that calendar year.
  3. Should the client cancel within 48 hours, the cost of the entire course will be charged to the credit card.