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GRO’s education program is second to none and we offer an unprecedented level of classes and seminars to suit the needs of every fly fisher in southern Ontario. For the remainder of 2014 and going forward into the winter of 2015, we will be holding regular weekly seminars that will focus on improving you skills at every level from knot tying to fly dressing. To augment our basic level classes, we’ve added a list of complementary seminars that are sure to improve your fly fishing experience.

Our Courses and Clinics

Fly Tying Lessons

Learn from the best instructors in the trade.

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Introduction to Fly Tying

Take the next step in the evolution of the fly fisher.

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Private Casting Lessons

No matter the situation, we can improve your casting.

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Introduction to Fly Fishing

Learn the basic history, science and casting plus unravel a great deal of the misconceptions of fly fishing. This is the most comprehensive introduction in the business!

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Intermediate Level Fly Fishing

This is the next stage after our introduction, focusing on more specific situations and presentations.

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